Pumpkin Cupcakes

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I am looking forward to fall. Everyday I look in my closet and dream about sweaters and boots. I want to go outside and feel a cool breeze on my skin. Instead every day I go outside to air so thick that it’s hard to move, and I’m tired of it. This summer is starting to drag.

I feel bad even saying that, I love the sun and I love the heat. This year there has just been an overabundance of it. I’m probably going to regret it, in January when I can no longer remember how glorious it is to walk around bare-limbed, but I’m ready for fall.

In anticipation of cooler weather, this week a made a yummy chili/jambalaya hybrid dish (I intended to post the recipe but kept throwing stuff in there and lost track!), and pumpkin cupcakes. I feel that pumpkin is totally underrated. It smells and tastes great, and fresh pumpkin really isn’t hard to prepare, and is easily freezable.

These cupcakes are good! They are a bit mushy (they really do resemble the texture of pie), but the proportions are perfect. Just enough pumpkin, just enough sweetness. Ve ate 2 and really wanted another, but I couldn’t let her (or myself) eat that many in one day!

raw batter should be a food group

a perfect cupcake

ve's tiny fingers going for another

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